Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buffalo, New York 1972- a Hockey Town

We are pleased to announce that the portions of the BHEM's collection of memorabilia will be featured in an exhibit this November at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society. The exhibit will highlight some prominent pieces from the collection-- concentrating on the first eight years of the Sabres in Buffalo. Artifacts will include pieces from the Inaugural Year, the 1972-73 Playoffs, the 1975 Finals, the French Connection, the legendary 1976 Soviets Series and ending with the All Star game which took place in the Memorial Auditorium in 1978.

While researching, curating and reviewing the history of the team-- and digging through the archives--- I was browsing a 1972 program from a Sabres-North Stars game and found some great graphic inspiration. I was taken by the ads in the program and how they gave a snapshot into Buffalo nightlife circa 1972. I have attached a few below. There will be more on the upcoming exhibit at the History Museum, so stay tuned.

The famous No Names (and it still exists)!

Peter's Pub features their "World Famous Cocktail Hours."