Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Game Day Snapshots of BHE+M's Display at First Niagara Center

The Enforcers + Playmakers + Goalie display draws fans every game day. We try and get some photos as often as one of the BHE+M's team is at a Sabre's home game. During another Sabres loss – this time to the lowly Sens – we were able to see the Buffalo hockey fans checking out this year's display. A few fans posed in front of Korab's journey so I could take their photos for them. See these latest shots.
Case One - full frame.

Captain Gare jersey & stick.

Gerbe fan enjoys Case Two.

Lake Placid Olympic patch- name that jersey?

Playfair graphic & jersey.

Fans pass case one, end of game.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

BHE+M New Display Cases Show Up in Recent BuffNews Photo

Buffalo News photo Mark Mulville took a lifestyles shot that included our display cases at the last Sabres home page at First Niagara Center. Check it out.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catch Sabre Collectibles in the Smaller Trophy Cases that accompany the the New Exhibit
BHE+M's Dr. Joe has some nice smaller pieces from his collection that we choose to display- not with the sticks and jerseys- but in smaller groups within the the five trophy cases that run along the wall between the larger display. 
The first case is The French Collection with items based around the Sabre's popular line of Gilbert, Rene and the late Rick Martin. The second case includes items from the famed Aud Club that was in the Memorial Auditorium. The third case includes collectible Sabres buttons and badges. The fourth case has some great Buffalo hockey cards and the last case contains one-of-a-kind collectibles from the Sabre's away games... the FAR AWAY games that happen in Europe to kick off the 2011-12 hockey season.
Jill, Dan & mark from OtherWisz Creative, our exhibit design team, installed these cases the day before the Sabres first home game and they have been great to look at before a game (and during intermissions) as fans swap stories of favorite games, visits tom the legendary Aud Club or collecting hockey cards as a kid.

Go to our Facebook page and cast your vote in the second round of our countdown to your favorite of the Sabre's Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies 02....
Who is your favorite Playmaker between these 2 Buffalo hockey legends?
Pat LaFontaine or Alexander Mogilny??? Vote now!




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Visit To The Cases- Weds, Nov 2, 2011

The Sabres game had a rough start with the hometeam losing 3-0 within the first 6 minutes tonight. BHE+M's Dr. Joe and Mark Wisz from OtherWisz Creative, our exhibit design team, had a better start -- spending 45 minutes before the game taking pictures and talking to fans. Well received, the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's new memorabilia exhibit was a great draw before and during the intermissions. Great to see the fans enjoying our hard work.

Go to our Facebook and page and cast your vote in the first round of our countdown to your favorite of the Sabre's Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies 01. Who is your favorite Enforcer between these 2 Buffalo hockey legends? Lindy Ruff or Jim Schoenfeld??? 

Buffalo Hockey Experience & Museum's Dr. Joe on the exhibit visit: Sabs. vs. Flyers, 11.02.2011.

Fan at case 1.

Fans checking out Sabres jerseys in case 1.

Fans reviewing the French Collection: memorabilia of Sabre greats Robert, Martin & Gilbert.

More fans.

Fans again- case 2!

Young Briere fans sees "whats' what..." (not a Sabres win tonight, unfortunately).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Final Full Cases

The full cases are installed at First Niagara Center and they are ready for the Buffalo Sabres home opener this Friday night, Oct 14th! Here are some full length snapshots of the 2 main cases with a few details.  

Tomorrow we put the finishing touches on the 5 small Trophy Cases. More photos to come.

Full Case #1 with glass installed with graphics. Click for larger view!

Full Case #2 with glass installed with graphics. Click for larger view!

Jhonas Enroth detail.

Hasek detail.

A Goalie & an Enforcer.

Patty LaFontaine jersey & stick.

Vintage skates.

Tommy Vanek # 26

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Exhibit Install Day Two

Here are some MORE behind the scenes photo from Thursday's final day of install of the new display for the 2011-12 hockey season at First Niagara Center. Day Two saw the completed install with some layout and designs made on-the-fly. They paid off and the final display is outstanding. The WGR550 radio guys were already talking about it this morning- so that is a good sign.  Enjoy these sneak-peaks and we will be sure to post some final (glass in) snapshots in the next few days.

Remember that this year's display is about the fans, so go to our Facebook page and LIKE US as there will be a season-long contest as we narrow the choices down to the Buffalo Sabres' most popular PLAYMAKER + ENFORCER + GOALIE! https://www.facebook.com/buffalohockey

Dave's jersey with glass graphic.

Dr. Joe helping by holding glass pane during install.

Some goalie memorabilia.

later-era jerseys & sticks.

Enforcer Lidy.

Display credits.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Exhibit Install Day One

Here are some behind the scenes photo from today's install of the new display we are installing for the 2011-12 hockey season at the newly named First Niagara Center. Day One went well and involved a lot of spotting- putting the eye-hooks in and testing where the jerseys will hang.  We had to build custom jersey hangers out of threaded rod wrapped in pipe insulation. WORKS GREAT! 

Day two, tomorrow, will include putting it all back up, hanging the sticks and installing the glass graphics. We will have to get everything in, make all the tweaks, make sure all foreign matter is cleaned out of the cases before the glass guys come at 3:00 PM to install the glass.

Thanks to the Mark, Dan & Jill from the OtherWisz Creative design team for making this happen.

Check back tomorrow to see how the finished display cases came out!

Jerseys waiting to get hung.

Sneak peak at some of the footer graphics.

Hanging Barrasso & King Kong Korab jerseys.

Whose "C"?

Some modern-era hockey sweater.

Main museum man Dr. Joe props up rare, one-of-a-kind Sabres skate sharpening case.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lots of Sticks - the new exhibit entitled Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies is going to have a few sticks hanging it in when it debuts on October 14th 2011

Last year's Sabres Memoribillia Display, concentrated on big events in the Buffalo Sabres' last 40 years, this year's display is all about the players. 

Here are some snapshots of the sticks we were looking through the other day.  The display installs next week, Wednesday & Thursday, 5th & 6th, so we'll get some on-the-scene photos. We are teaming up with  OtherWisz Creative again so the display should be great. We hope you all come down to the 2011 Sabres home opener on the 14th to see the complete display!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Display Uncovers Embarrassing Sabres' Player Photos
While working on the new BHE+M Display that will get installed next week at (the newly named) First Niagara Center we ran across some vintage hockey cards. Enjoy these.....

Flying Gil head....

Brad's mullet (w/ cap).

80's Wayne Presley.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Display Begins Install Next Week

New BHE+M Display will get installed next week at (the newly named) First Niagara Center in preparation for it's debut at the Sabres first HOME GAME on Oct 14th!
Follow up on Facebook as the display gets installed next week Wednesday & Thursday (Oct. 5th & 6th) and all season where you will be able to vote on your favorite Playmakers, Enforcers + Goalies. We will have you Sabre's hockey fans vote on, from our group of players represented in this year's display, WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Curating + Designing
"Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies" exhibit design in in full swing.
Photographer Joe Cascio
documenting a trophy case
earlier this year.

Last year's Sabres 40th Anniversary Display, concentrated on events, this year's display will be focused on the players.The five smaller trophy cases, that accompany the two large cases, will each be themed with a specific type of collectible this season. We are still fine-tuning the items for each. 

The Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's archives were visited by the OtherWisz Creative research team to review the memorabilia for these cases. We saw a lot of really unique things that might get displayed this year. Here are a few snapshots from the visit with Dr. Joe...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies

"Fan Favorites" Will Be Theme of New BHE+M Display!
Starting with the 1st home game of the 2011-12 hockey season, fans will be able to enjoy another look into some of the fantastic memorabilia in the collection of 
The Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum. Following on the success of last year's Sabres 40th Anniversary Display, the BHE+M is teaming up again this year with the Buffalo Sabres to showcase some fine collectibles from it's archives.

Who is your favorite Sabre? Is it a PLAYMAKER like Alexander Mogilny, or is it Jerry Korab, a solid Sabre ENFORCER, or maybe it is a new Sabre star like, GOALIE Jhonas Enroth? Find out this year with the BHE+M unveils our new display!

In the next five weeks you will be able to watch here, on this blog, as OtherWisz Creative and the BHE+M prepare and install the graphics and the memorabilia of this year's display.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sabres 40th Anniversary Display- one last look during the dismantle
The display of Buffalo Hockey memorabilia from the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's
40th Sabres Anniversary display at HSBC Arena was dismantled yesterday and put back into the museum's storage.  Below are some snapshots that comprise a last look at some of the details while it was being documented by photographer Joe Cascio for the archives. 

GOOD NEWS! The BHE+M has been asked by the Sabres to put together a proposal for a new display for next season!! So while our gears are turning as we think up ideas & themes for a new display, enjoy this last look.

One of the milestone's on Perreault's stack of 500 pucks.

Scotty Bowman's signature on All Star roster from game in Buffalo.

Letter from Sabre's lawyer Robert Chambers confirming delivery of the 'brochure' used to pitch a Buffalo hockey team to the NHL.

BHE+M team discusses documenting the cases with photographer Joe Cascio.

Hanging autographed 1st season stick with ticket collage in background.

Stanley Cup patch on Dom Hasek's jersey.

Photog Joe Cascio shooting trophy cases.

Rick Martin's jersey and stick.

Craig Ramsey's Selke trophy.
Hey Fans! Do you have any ideas for themes for next year's display? Send us an email.