Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where Momma Hides the Cookies!

Welcome to the Buffalo Hockey Museum and Experience's blog. This site will be used so Buffalo hockey fans can share memories about the Aud which is in the process of getting torn down. Many a Buffalo hockey memory was born within those walls.

Tell us some of your favorite Aud experiences!


Anonymous said...

This is a test. Sabres rule!

Anonymous said...

For game 3 of the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals, I sat in the lower golds, section 11, row C, seat 1 or 2. Batman and Rene's goal were right in front of me. I'll never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Who can forget some of the great fights with the Bruins.--- Rick Dudley just killing Terry O'Rielly.
Oh yeah...Some great Hockey too!!!!