Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The AUD today- Oct. 21, 2008

I just toured the AUD as it sits right now (in fact, how it sat, a 1/2 hour or so ago). These are the snapshots I took as we toured the lower bowl, the hallways and up to the 'once 70s chic', AUD Club. Very cool.

The building has been open to the elements as the demolition continues.
It was wet and cold and felt very sad, actually.

Empty and apocalyptic.

Entrance to the lower bowl.



Color section map.

Men's room by AUD Club entrance ("Sir, you need a sports coat to come in.")

Turnstiles by entrance.

Willcall for picking up tickets.

AUD Club center stairs.

AUD Club hallway wall.

Steps up, way up....

From the bowl.

Fan on the tour uncovering floor graphic.

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