Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Visit To The Cases- Weds, Nov 2, 2011

The Sabres game had a rough start with the hometeam losing 3-0 within the first 6 minutes tonight. BHE+M's Dr. Joe and Mark Wisz from OtherWisz Creative, our exhibit design team, had a better start -- spending 45 minutes before the game taking pictures and talking to fans. Well received, the Buffalo Hockey Experience + Museum's new memorabilia exhibit was a great draw before and during the intermissions. Great to see the fans enjoying our hard work.

Go to our Facebook and page and cast your vote in the first round of our countdown to your favorite of the Sabre's Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies 01. Who is your favorite Enforcer between these 2 Buffalo hockey legends? Lindy Ruff or Jim Schoenfeld??? 

Buffalo Hockey Experience & Museum's Dr. Joe on the exhibit visit: Sabs. vs. Flyers, 11.02.2011.

Fan at case 1.

Fans checking out Sabres jerseys in case 1.

Fans reviewing the French Collection: memorabilia of Sabre greats Robert, Martin & Gilbert.

More fans.

Fans again- case 2!

Young Briere fans sees "whats' what..." (not a Sabres win tonight, unfortunately).

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