Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Exhibit Install Day One

Here are some behind the scenes photo from today's install of the new display we are installing for the 2011-12 hockey season at the newly named First Niagara Center. Day One went well and involved a lot of spotting- putting the eye-hooks in and testing where the jerseys will hang.  We had to build custom jersey hangers out of threaded rod wrapped in pipe insulation. WORKS GREAT! 

Day two, tomorrow, will include putting it all back up, hanging the sticks and installing the glass graphics. We will have to get everything in, make all the tweaks, make sure all foreign matter is cleaned out of the cases before the glass guys come at 3:00 PM to install the glass.

Thanks to the Mark, Dan & Jill from the OtherWisz Creative design team for making this happen.

Check back tomorrow to see how the finished display cases came out!

Jerseys waiting to get hung.

Sneak peak at some of the footer graphics.

Hanging Barrasso & King Kong Korab jerseys.

Whose "C"?

Some modern-era hockey sweater.

Main museum man Dr. Joe props up rare, one-of-a-kind Sabres skate sharpening case.

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