Friday, October 7, 2011

Playmakers + Enforcers + Goalies Exhibit Install Day Two

Here are some MORE behind the scenes photo from Thursday's final day of install of the new display for the 2011-12 hockey season at First Niagara Center. Day Two saw the completed install with some layout and designs made on-the-fly. They paid off and the final display is outstanding. The WGR550 radio guys were already talking about it this morning- so that is a good sign.  Enjoy these sneak-peaks and we will be sure to post some final (glass in) snapshots in the next few days.

Remember that this year's display is about the fans, so go to our Facebook page and LIKE US as there will be a season-long contest as we narrow the choices down to the Buffalo Sabres' most popular PLAYMAKER + ENFORCER + GOALIE!

Dave's jersey with glass graphic.

Dr. Joe helping by holding glass pane during install.

Some goalie memorabilia.

later-era jerseys & sticks.

Enforcer Lidy.

Display credits.

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